Camping Tips

January 21, 2022

Back to Nature – Family Camping Tips

  • NO TENT CAMPING AVAIlABLE at our resort at this time. We do allow small tents for small children to play-in to get out of the sun but NOT to sleep-in over night.
  • Make a list and check it twice.
  • Plan your activities in advance.
  • There’s nothing wrong with being over-prepared.
  • Bring extra towels for the beach. Our towels are only for bathing, they are white and not for outdoor use. Bring extra paper towels.
  • Don’t forget extra shoes and socks for the kids, extra blankets, and necessary accessories, such as a 30 or 50 amp extension cord and adaptors.
  • Check the weather forecast. Always plan for bad weather.
  • So you can spend more time with your family enjoying the great outdoors, prepare meals such as soups and chili in advance and freeze them. You’ll just need to heat them up beforehand. And don’t forget the quick, convenient foods everyone can grab on the go: dried fruits, veggies, cheese, crackers and other snacks.
  • There are plenty of activities the whole family can enjoy while camping – everything from storytelling to stargazing. But if everyone can’t agree on one activity, be sure to pack cards, miscellaneous games and toys. These also will come in handy in case of rain.
  • Keep your family safe. Avoid unwanted visits from critters by storing food away and make sure the whole gang understands NOT to feed any animals that may come around.
  • Keep an ongoing list of items to take each time you go on the family camping trip.

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