Club Yogi™ Rewards

January 21, 2022


Club Yogi™ Rewards … a FREE program for Jellystone Park™ guests!

A FREE program from Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resorts created to show you how much we appreciate you camping with us.

As a Club Yogi Rewards member, you will earn Club Points each time you stay at any Jellystone Park location in the U.S. and Canada. Members earn 5 Club Points for each dollar spent on tent sites, RV sites, rentals, and other qualified purchases within a Jellystone Park. And you’ll have access to special member-only benefits.

Club Points will accumulate in your account until you are ready to redeem for FREE nights or Yogi Bear™ licensed merchandise.

And now all members can participate in our exciting auctions where points in a member’s account can be used to bid on great prizes.

Join today. If you aren’t a member, join Club Yogi Rewards today and start earning points.

Existing members. If you are a member, log in now to check your account balance, redeem for rewards, view special offers or find out what’s new with the club.

Club Yogi™ Rewards Member Information

How It Works

Club Yogi Rewards is an easy way to earn free nights. Life is hectic, so we designed a program that is easy to understand and participate in.

Earning Points on Accommodations

Provide your membership number when making a reservation or when you check-in at the park. Your account will be credited with five Club Points for every dollar spent on a tent site, RV site, or rental (cabin, park model, yurt, etc.)

Seasonal Campers can join Club Yogi Rewards, but will not earn points on site fees. Instead, they will earn 500 bonus points with a contract executed annually. Seasonal campers will earn points for store purchases and have access to member benefits.

Earning Points on Purchases

Present your membership card in the Jellystone Park store to receive five Club Points for every qualified dollar spent. Gold Tier members earn 7 Club Points for every qualified dollar spent. *Note – Because technology systems vary per Jellystone Park, qualified dollars will vary by location.

Redeeming Points – Free Nights

Club Points can be redeemed for one of eleven Tiers of accommodations. Campsites, cabins and rental units are classified by Tier. Each Jellystone Park labels their available accommodations into a specific Tier. This information can be found on the park’s website or by contacting the park directly.

Your Free Night certificate can be redeeemd at any time, we don’t have black out dates! However, certain holiday weekends¹ require double points.

Free Night

Certificate Tier         Points Required        Holiday Points Required
TIER A                                   5,000                                      10,000
TIER B                                   6,000                                      12,000
TIER C                                   6,800                                      13,600
TIER D                                   7,800                                      15,600
TIER E                                   8,600                                       17,200
TIER F                                  16,000                                      32,000
TIER G                                  20,000                                     40,000
TIER H                                  22,000                                     44,000
TIER I                                   40,000                                      80,000
TIER J                                   60,000                                    120,000
TIER K                                  80,000                                    160,000
Once you’ve accumulated enough points for your desired Tier, follow these steps to redeem:

Make a reservation at a Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park and be sure to request an accommodation that matches the Tier you want to redeem. (Each location offers different campsites and cabins, so check your favorite park’s website for available accommodation Tiers.)
Log onto your account. Click on the Tier you want to redeem and hit Submit.
Your certificate will pop up from the website.
Print the certificate and present it when you register at the Jellystone Park. Note: In order to receive your Free night, the certificate must be presented at check-in.
To make a reservation at a Jellystone Park Click here for a list of direct phone numbers and links to each Jellystone Park’s website.

Redeeming Points – Merchandise

You can use your Club Yogi Rewards Club Points toward select Jellystone Park™ merchandise on-line. You can choose from a charm bracelet, a beach towel or several other exciting gifts!

Yogi Merchandise Discount

Members will occasionally receive valuable coupons for discounts on Yogi Bear™ and friends licensed merchandise. The coupons will be distributed via email.


¹Holiday weekends that require double points:
US: Memorial Day Weekend (Friday-Monday), Independence Day (July 1 – July 5), Labor Day (Friday-Monday)

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