Our Current Rates

Minimum 2 Night Stay Required During Peak Season
Minimum 3 night stay on Holidays

Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort Eufaula uses dynamic pricing.

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that applies variable prices instead of fixed prices. Instead of deciding on a set price for a season, prices are updated multiple times per day based on the change in occupancy.

Currently, We have no tent sites available.

TypeSeasonWinter Rates
(per night)
(per night)
(per night)
(per night)
1 Bedroom Cabin$158.00$205.00$256$113.00N/A
1 Queen Bed (Bdrm) & Sleeper Sofa (Living), Sleep Loft with two twin mattress.
Family Cabin$191.00$218.00$272.00$113.00
1 Queen Bed, 1 Twin Bunk Bed, & Queen Futon or Sleeper Sofa (Living)
Beach side$222.00$262.00$328.00$143.00
1 Queen Bed (Bdrm), 2 Twin Mattress (Loft), & Full Sleeper Sofa (Living)
1 King Bed (Bdrm), 1 Twin Bunk Beds (Bdrm), & Queen Sleeper Sofa (Living)
Lakeside Cabin$222.00$262.00$328.00$143.00
1 Full Bed (Bdrm), 2 Twin Bunk Beds (Bdrm), & Screened Porch
RV Sites***$119.00$129.00$56.00N/A
**Our Jellystone Park™ has no tent sites!  Thank you
*** Includes utilities